Chris Innis
Is an owner of multiple businesses around the world and is an early stage investor in a number of growing businesses in India. Chris sits on the Board of all the companies of the group. His main role is based around evaluating businesses and providing strategic direction to the group.



Zubin Bharucha
Is a sports nut and wishes to take sport to every Indian. His main role is to set up and manage the delivery mechanisms for each of the businesses entities. Zubin holds an MBA from Henley in the United Kingdom, as well as having played cricket at a representative level for India Youth, Mumbai and Surrey CCC.


Dr Neeta Adhau
Dr Neeta started at the WCA as a resident psychologist and through her own initiatives has transformed her role to include critical administrative and marketing functions. She works alongside Romi in the building of the franchise business as well as leads the creation of new projects. She has counseled a number of Vidarbha and University teams. In addition she has worked as the Logistics Manager for the Indian Premier League (IPL) Franchise, Rajasthan Royals in season three of the IPL. She is assisting Romi in building the Residential Academy near Nagpur in Maharashtra. Further, she has also taken on various support roles during the conducting of a reality TV show based on cricket. She has presented many papers at national and international conferences on child psychology and holds an honors bachelor's degree from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. She also holds a masters degree in Clinical psychology from the University of Maharashtra and a Doctor's degree in Sports Psychology also from the University of Maharashtra.

Dr Neeta can be contacted via email at n.adhau@worldcricketacademy.com or by phone on +91 976 564 5000.

Romi Bhinder
RRomi is an integral part of the WCA team, particularly focused on the formation of franchises and new projects in India. Romi has played cricket all his life, having also played club cricket in the UK, represented Vidarbha, Maharashtra, and Nagpur University at various district levels. Romi like other WCA members is passionate about cricket and sport, and has over the years developed an efficient team around him, which effectively go around the country conducting road shows to spread the gospel of cricket and teach the art of the WCA way of learning. Romi is currently also working on several early stage projects for the larger group the Institute Of Sport. He is responsible for the new Residential Academy which is based near Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra. He has also provided a variety of support services for a reality TV show based on cricket, which was a huge success across India. In addition he has also facilitated various functions during franchise selections and trials in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Furthermore, he has worked as a Liaison Officer with the Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals in season one and as an Assistant Manager for the same franchise in season three. Romi holds a Masters degree in Sports Psychology from the University of Maharashtra.

Romi can be contacted via email at r.bhinder@worldcricketacademy.com or by phone on +91 976 564 4000.